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Thanks to Facebook for lots of people are now connected with each other. In these days, Facebook has become largest social media network in the world. The platform has opened up to so many opportunities not only to normal users but also to business people to expand their business through the so-called Facebook marketing approach. Facebook has transformation the today’s marketing world. Leverage every ounce of data you have about your target demographic audince to generate prospects that are ready to buy.

When any person searches for your business online on the internet, they also visit your facebook page. It plays like as a secondary website outpost for your business online. Absolutely, it’s like having another website! Facebook offers a way for your prospects and customers to learn about your business, to shop for products and services, and to communicate with you directly and many more. Facebook has transformation the today’s marketing world. Leverage every ounce of data you have about your target demographic audince to generate prospects that are ready to buy.

Four Tech Digital Lab Facebook marketing service has grown into a powerful, effective marketing tool for many businesses  – small, medium, and large. We know very well you don’t have the time to manage your social media marketing (FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn). Let us be your Facebook advertising agency service, and we will help you.

Advantage Of Facebook Marketing

  • Get new clients.
  • Fine-Tuned Targeting
  • Facebook Has A Lot Of Users
  • Facebook Ads Are Cheaper And Longer
  • Large Mobile Audience
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • The Advantage Of Newsfeed And Friends’ Activity
  • Filtering Of Potential Client
  • Chance Of Being Viral
  • Facebook can steer traffic to your website
  • Provide customer support
  • Talk to existing and potential customers

Why Choose FB Marketing Services

No any doubt that Facebook is the #1 social media marketing platform used for small, medium and large business. In fact, according to EMarketer, 41% of US and 35% Of Indians using small businesses, now they use Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy. So why we are waiting to connect our business with Facebook. Start growing reach of your business by targeting the Facebook audience.

If you want to advertise of your any products or services to gain reach 1000 people in Rs. 10 or USD 0.25$, Facebook is one of the best platform to achieve your goals. If go with the newspaper you have to spend USD 32$, With magazine 20$, Radio 8$, Cable Tv 7$, Google 2.25$, LinkedIn Ads 0.75$. But Facebook is a unique AdWords platform having required minimum amount to gain maximum reach. Get started online journey with our Expert Facebook Marketing & Advertising Agency team.

Here’s what Four Tech Digital Lab Will Do For Facebook Advertising?

Four Tech Digital techniques help to grab your audience through social media marketing that is mention above, on these Social networks Facebook is the largest platform that can help to find your business goals easily. In this crowded world to achieve their target is arduous but our team assists to take out from the jamming world.

Our Best Facebook marketing agency team is following the basic steps to simplify your business. First of all, we will analyze that what user’s want to see about your business on Facebook. We offer easy ways to hold down users on your post and compelled to open and submit the query form. This way lots of users will see and come to your website to fulfill their requirement online. From the Facebook, historical records maximum clients have satisfied via this platform. We create various type campaigns using social media tactics like Local Awareness, Canvas, Events, videos, Carousel and many more ads to reach targeted audiences. So, give us an opportunity to maximize your business Online.

What Will Do For Your Target Audience

  • Page Setup, Including Facebook
  • Graphic Design for Your Cover
  • Dedicated Facebook Consultant
  • Killer content creation
  • Eye-catching image creation
  • Create Different campaign
  • Send traffic to your email newsletter signup page, or event signup page
  • Get more exposure on your Facebook posts
  • Different Targeting Options (location, age, work, likes, interest).
  • More likes mean more authority and brand recognition.
  • Generate lead for Business
  • Fast Responses to Customer Interactions
  • Monthly ROI Tracking Report
Types of facebook advertising ads
four tech facebook page like

Fb page like ads

Facebook page like campaign use for increasing for page like. Our Facebook marketing expert team create the page like a campaign in low cost for more like on the page.


Canvas Ads

Canvas facebook ads is a fullscreen experience for mobile devices. It can be used with all Facebook ad formats – carousel, single image, single video, slideshow or collection.


Event Ads

Get more people through the door. We create an event directly from your Page, then spread the word about it with Facebook Event Response adverts to make your event a success.

Local Awareness Ads fourtech

Local Awareness Ads

Local Awareness ads use for smaller businesses with an affordable means to reach a large number of people in a small area compared to traditional methods, such as direct mail.


Link Click Ads

We create link click ads for more traffic towards the website. You can attract more people to your website and increase leads by using link ads. Businesses like yours who use link ads see a 53% increase in ROI.

Video Ads

Our team create fb video ads for more engagement your business. Videos can be used in all kinds of Facebook ad formats and for a variety of advertising objectives. Whether you’re promoting your FB Page.

Carousel Ads

The carousel format lets you show up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines and links, or calls to action in a single ad unit. Anyone who sees your ad can then scroll through the carousel cards by swiping on mobile phones or tablets.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic adverts automatically promote products to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet. finding the right people for each product – for as long as you want.

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ads are a type of ad that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Unlike other ad types, lead ads include a contact form that lets people show their interest in a product or service by filling out the form.

Facebook continues to grow, dominating the social media platforms.

2+ billion users
1.5 billion mobile users
63% of users log on in any given day
50% of smartphones are connected every hour of every day
20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw

Generate Leads & Increase Engagement on Facebook

Four Tech Facebook Marketing Lab

Starts Facebook Marketing Only 3K/Months

We drive more customers to your business than any other online source. Facebook and their business pages are constantly evolving. Four Tech Digital not only stays on top of updates, we are constantly ahead of the curve. Learn more about Four Tech digital professional social media marketing services for Facebook.